How to Use Plastic Moving Boxes for Your Fall Move

Moving always requires careful preparation. And when you move during the Fall in Chicago, you have to prepare for more than just the move itself: you need to be ready for the weather. Fortunately, using plastic moving boxes for your Fall move is ecofriendly, provides great protection against the elements, and can save you money!

In order to have the best move possible, check out these tips for using plastic moving boxes for your upcoming Autumn move.

Plastic moving boxes protect your belongings better than cardboard

Autumn can be a rainy season in Chicago. And you don’t want to risk your prized possessions getting damaged inside cardboard boxes. When cardboard gets wet, the box loses its structural integrity, leaving the contents susceptible to damage.

Additionally, wet cardboard is just gross. It smells, it’s hard to carry, and the items inside a waterlogged box will likely get damaged. Your electronics can be ruined, your dishes can get dirty, and your clothes are vulnerable to mold and mildew inside even a slightly damp cardboard box.

Fortunately, plastic moving boxes are resistant to moisture. The lids tightly close and their molded plastic compartments prevent water from leaking in. Additionally, their sturdy plastic walls make it almost impossible for damage to occur just in case a bin gets bumped or moves around in transit.

While cardboard boxes are easily damaged, a plastic moving carton will protect your precious possessions throughout the entire moving process.

Plastic moving bins are easier to open and close than cardboard boxes

Part of moving in the Fall in the Midwest is preparing for the weather. As Chicagoans know, an autumn day can go from warm and sunny to cool, windy, and rainy without much notice. When you rent plastic moving boxes, you don’t have to wrestle with tape or accidentally rip a cardboard box to grab an extra hoodie, warmer socks, or rain boots. Just pop open the lid, grab what you need, and close the bin back up!

Easy access to your moving box content is also helpful for the first night in your new home. As you pack your rental moving bins, set a couple aside to contain some essentials. You might need to quickly grab things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, bed linens, and pajamas your first evening. Plastic moving boxes allow you to easily unpack these essential items.

Plastic moving boxes help your movers move more quickly

Since moving companies charge by the hour, a big part of your moving cost is how long it takes your movers to complete the move. Oftentimes, people pack their belongings into a mishmash of oddly shaped cardboard boxes they found around the house. This forces your movers to creatively and carefully stack the boxes inside the moving truck so the boxes don’t topple over or get crushed. When you use cardboard boxes, you’re not just risking damage—you’re risking a longer and more expensive move.

However, durable plastic moving boxes are uniform in size and are designed to be stacked. Your move crew can place a few boxes on the dolly that comes with your rental bin order. They’ll safely and quickly wheel the bins to the moving truck, secure them in seconds flat, and then return for the next batch of bins.

In other words, time is literally money when it comes to moving. And renting plastic moving boxes can save you both time and money!

Box Beaters can save you time and money on your Fall move!

Using plastic moving bins is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth move in any season—including the Fall!

First, check out our tips on how to pack your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms into our rental plastic moving boxes.  Then, visit our website to place an order. We’ll deliver the bins to you and pick them up when you’re unpacked. Let us help you save time, money, and headaches on your Fall move!