How to Pack Your Bedroom into Plastic Moving Boxes

Contrary to popular belief, packing doesn’t have to be an annoying chore. In fact, packing up your bedroom is a great opportunity to downsize and refresh your wardrobe and bed linens. Here are some helpful tips on how to pack your bedroom into plastic moving boxes to get you started.

General tips for packing plastic moving boxes

Most people aren’t professionally trained packers. Fortunately, you can still pack up your entire home efficiently—including your bedroom! Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Lay your packing supplies out on your bed. While a lot of the items in your bedroom will be soft and won’t need to be carefully wrapped, you want to use packing paper or clothing items to protect any delicate knickknacks or décor.
  • Always have a few plastic moving bins open. This will help you evenly distribute the items you pack instead of overloading a single box.
  • If you’re packing heavy or delicate items, only fill each plastic moving tote to 50% or 75% capacity. Pack the remaining 25% to 50% of the tote with lightweight protective materials like packing paper or clothing. 
  • Label each plastic moving bin with the contents and room it belongs in. For example: “Kids’ Bedroom—Johnny’s Toys” or “Mater Bedroom—Framed Wedding Pictures—FRAGILE”.
  • Never drag a plastic moving box across your floor. Even if the box is empty, always pick it up and carry it around. You don’t want to risk scratching your floor!

1. Empty those drawers

Before you move, you’ll need to empty all of the drawers in your dressers and nightstands.

When your move crew arrives, they’ll wrap each piece of furniture and tip it on its side or back so they can carry it to their moving truck. If there are contents inside any of the drawers, they could easily be damaged. Additionally, since most furniture isn’t built to support weight during a move, the nightstand or dresser itself could incur damage.

The last reason to empty all drawers—and perhaps the most important—is for your movers’ safety. Whether you’re hiring a team of professional movers or handling it on your own, carrying full furniture can really be dangerous. Contents will move around inside the furniture, causing the overall weight to shift unpredictably.

So, keep everyone and everything safe: empty those drawers!

2. Create a donation pile

Packing up your bedroom involves going through each piece of clothing, pair of shoes, and set of bed linens. And since you want to give yourself a fresh start in your new home, set aside the items you no longer wear or use. If an article hasn’t seen the light of day in a year, it’s time to get rid of it!

Just because something is no longer your style doesn’t mean it should go in the trash. There’s a good chance that someone else will make good use of it! Find a charity or donation center near you that might want your unwanted items.

3. Use the right packing supplies

Plastic moving boxes are great for safely packing up your entire home. However, your bedroom might need a few additional materials. Here are a few packing supplies to keep on hand as you pack your bedroom:

  • Suitcases and duffle bags. Pack your clothing into travel bags that you already own.
  • Wardrobe boxes. You can rent these reusable boxes for all of your hanging clothing. Just transfer them from your closet to the box—hangers and all!
  • Vacuum bags. Bulky items like comforters and winter coats can really take up a lot of room inside your plastic moving boxes. Vacuum bags are an inexpensive way to safely pack these items—and save a ton of space!

Pro tip: do not use garbage bags to pack your clothing! Your wardrobe deserves better. And in addition, clothing in trash bags might be mistaken for actual garbage during your move day. Don’t risk your favorite outfits getting thrown away!

Pack your bedroom like a pro with Box Beaters

When you see packing your bedroom as an opportunity for a wardrobe refresh, it can seem like an exciting mission rather than a bothersome chore. And when you use packing supplies like Box Beaters, you won’t just save money and reduce moving waste—you’ll pack quickly and efficiently!

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