How it Works

If you’re moving within the Chicagoland Area, give us a shout. Once your order is placed in our easy-as-pie online system, there are just three steps:

We Drop Off

We Drop Off

You pick the date and time. We’ll bring the plastic boxes right to you.

You Pack

You Pack

Fill ‘em up at your own pace and bring ‘em to your brand new place. And here's a moving tip: heavy items on the bottom, light stuff on the top!

We Pick Up

We Pick Up

After you unpack all of your belongings, we'll swoop in and pick up the plastic boxes.

Old moving supplies like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are expensive, wasteful, and old school. And sometimes mold-school!

Our reusable plastic moving bins, recyclable packing paper, and rental wardrobe boxes are are economical, eco-friendly, and revolutionary. This is the future of packing and moving!

“This is the first time moving that I didn’t have to fight with packing tape! These plastic bins are super easy to pack and unpack without having to deal with knives and tape. Plus, I saved a bunch of money – buying cardboard boxes would’ve been much more expensive.”

Dave S., Chicago

“I hate being wasteful – and cardboard is very wasteful! Box Beaters was a great solution. Their reusable plastic bins are really sturdy and stackable. I used less bins than cardboard boxes, and the dollies they provided were easy to maneuver. When I was done unpacking at my new place, the Box Beaters team came and picked up the bins for free. I’ll definitely use them again next time I move!”

Maggie H., Evanston

“Want an easy move? Rent Box Beaters! Their customer service is great, and they delivered and picked up within my requested windows. Their big plastic bins make life much, much easier when you have to move!”

Mary R., Chicago
Bin views with specifications

Box Beaters reusable plastic moving cartons were designed by elite packing and moving specialists to be sturdy, stackable, and easy to use. So even if you’re not a packing expert, you can master the packing process!

All of your household goods are protected from rain and snow inside our reusable plastic moving boxes. The lids latch together and open easily, so unpacking doesn’t require any box cutters or getting tangled up in packing tape. We’ll also bring you a steel dolly or two to help you easily move the bins around!

In addition to the reusable plastic moving bins, we can also bring you packing and moving supplies like packing paper and wardrobe boxes. We can even bring you a few cardboard boxes if you really want them!


Look, it’s pretty simple: cardboard stinks. We need to leave it in the dust along with floppy disks and rotary phones.

Reusable plastic moving boxes are better on so many levels. Just check out our Awesome Table of Comparison.

Box Beaters



Disinfected after each use

Impossible to disinfect


Stackable and sturdy

Flimsy and requires tape


$190 for a three-bedroom home

$385 for a three-bedroom home


100% reusable = happy planet

Hard to reuse


Easy online ordering plus delivery and pickup

Call to order and leave home to pick up