Box Beaters is a low-cost, hassle-free, eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. So, what’s the catch?

As far as we can tell, there isn’t one. This is the DeLorean ride to the future of moving. Get in, Doc’s bringing it up to 88

Are you a bunch of hippies?

Nope! We’re just a small company that cares about your time, your money, and Mama Earth. We won’t judge you if you
sometimes forget those reusable grocery bags, or even if you want to supplement your Box Beaters order with
cardboard. We just think that using a superior product with a better price that eliminates waste is pretty cool.

How big is each Box Beater?

Each Box Beater is 24″ x 19″ x 12″. That’s bigger than many cardboard moving boxes, and so much easier and cooler to

How many Box Beaters will I need for my move?

Good question! Our reusable moving box packages are estimated based on the average amount of stuff for size of your residence, but we
don’t know how much stuff you have. Here are the standard packages we’ve designed based on our experience:

Studio – 20 bins

1 Bedroom – 25 bins

2 Bedroom – 35 bins

3 Bedroom – 50 bins

4+ Bedroom – 70 bins

If you think you have more or less stuff than average, let us know and we’ll help you find the best solution!

How long will I need the boxes?

Our crystal ball is in the shop, but we recommend that you assess both the amount of stuff you have as well as how
motivated you are when it comes to packing and unpacking (no judgement). If you decide you need an extra day or two
to unpack, no problem! Just give us a shout.

We’re happy to accommodate a different pickup date pending our availability if you want to return your rented materials sooner than anticipated, or if you want to keep them longer than you originally thought (a nominal fee will apply for extended rentals). Unfortunately we can’t provide a discount for a shortened rental period.

How does your delivery and pickup work?

You’ll pick your preferred delivery date when you place your order. Someone will need to be present to
accept the delivery and to give us the boxes at pickup. If we show up for the delivery or pickup and nobody’s home,
there is a $50 fee. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Can you help with packing and moving?

We leave that up to you. But if you’re looking to hire someone, check out these dudes.

I hired movers. What will they think about me using Box Beaters?

A smile will curl up from the corners of their lips. Their cheeks will flush. Their pulses will quicken and their stomachs will
feel like they’re filled with 10,000 butterflies. Box Beaters are uniform in size, more durable than cardboard, have
convenient handles, and—most importantly—are easily stackable. Your movers will be head over heels.

What happens if I run out of boxes and need more?

No problem! We will deliver more boxes for a small fee.

How do I know my boxes are clean and sound?

Our amazing staff sanitizes and inspects every box upon return from each Client. This ensures that you’ll get nothing but
the most awesome, problem-free boxes imaginable.

Uh-oh. I damaged a box. What now?

Bummer! Don’t lose sleep over this—we know things happen. There is a $50 charge for a lost or damaged box.

Our steel – not plastic! – dollies are custom made. There is a $200 charge for a lost or damaged steel dolly.

Do you serve both residential and commercial customers?

Heck yes we do! Business moves tend to require more boxes than residential, so drop us a line with your info and we’ll
work up a formal quote.