How to Pack Your Kitchen into Plastic Moving Boxes

When you prepare for a move, packing your kitchen is one of the main projects you should tackle. It might seem like a daunting task, but you’ll feel very accomplished when it’s done! In order to help you have a smooth and efficient move, here are a few helpful tips on how to pack your kitchen into plastic moving boxes.

General tips for packing plastic moving boxes

Regardless of which room you’re packing up, there are a few best practices to keep in mind so that you can quickly and efficiently pack your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you pack up those plastic moving boxes:

  • Lay out your packing materials on a table or counter so that everything is at your fingertips.
  • Have a few boxes open at all times so you can pack multiple boxes simultaneously. You’ll be able to pack more quickly because you’ll avoid looking for specific items to fit into small places if you try to pack one box at a time.
  • Leave space for padding! Each box should only be between 50% and 75% full of items. The remaining space should be filled with protective wrapping like packing paper, pillows, or towels. Each box will be lighter, and your breakables will be better protected from damage.
  • Check the weight of each box throughout the packing process to make sure none of them get too heavy. If you can’t carry two boxes at the same time, they’re already too heavy! Heavier boxes are more likely to be mishandled or dropped while moving, so make sure each plastic moving box is manageable.
  • Label at least one side of each plastic moving tote with the room it goes in and a brief description of its contents. For example: “Kitchen plates – fragile!”
  • Never drag plastic moving boxes on your floor—even if they’re empty! Hard plastic can scratch hardwood and leave unwanted marks on carpet. Always pick up and carry each tote.

1. Set aside a few key items

Pretty obviously, your kitchen contains a lot of items that you use daily. And since packing your kitchen is a big project, you’ll probably start chipping away at it a few days before you move. Before you start packing, set aside a few key items that you’ll need to have at your fingertips, including:

  • At least one place setting for everyone in your home. This includes a plate, silverware, and a cup or glass.
  • Your coffeemaker and a couple of coffee cups. You might need some caffeine to keep you moving during your pack—and on your move day!
  • Cleaning supplies. As you pack up your kitchen, you’ll probably find a few places that could use a good wipe down. Make your life easier by leaving your cleaning supplies accessible.
  • Snacks. Although you won’t pack up the contents of your refrigerator and freezer until your actual move day, you’ll probably go through your cabinets and pantry a little sooner. Leave yourself some healthy snacks like fruit, peanut butter, and crackers so you can fuel up!

Remember: if you’re renting plastic moving boxes, you’re well on your way to having an ecofriendly move. So keep up the great work and avoid using disposable plates, plasticware, and cups.

2. Purge as you pack

You don’t have to bring everything from your old home to your new one. Use your move as an excuse to get a fresh start by purging unnecessary or unwanted items as you pack.

Got some old or expired cleaning supplies? Toss them and buy new ones. Haven’t used those dusty decorative towels in years? Use them as rags as you clean and then say goodbye. The less stuff you have, the quicker your move will be, and the better you’ll be able to control your moving costs. So purge as you pack!

3. Protect your breakables

Plastic moving boxes are large and sturdy, but they’re not a cheat code for fragile items. Just because you can fit most of your dishes or glassware inside one plastic tote doesn’t mean that you should!

Sure, the strong plastic walls on each plastic moving box will help keep your breakables secure. But they can still get damaged inside the box if they’re not properly padded. In order to properly pack your dishes and other breakables, use packing paper, kitchen towels, and even clothing and bed linens to wrap each item before you stow it safely inside of a plastic moving bin.

And here’s a pro tip: after you wrap each plate, place it inside the box vertically so that it rests on its edge, similar to how it would sit in a drying rack. You’re probably used to seeing your dishes piled up horizontally in your cabinets, but vertical packing helps keep your plates from getting damaged during what could be a bumpy drive in a moving truck.

4. Be careful with your small appliances

Most people don’t keep the boxes for their microwaves, coffeemakers, and other portable kitchen appliances. And that’s ok! When you pack these items, make sure they’re completely inside your plastic moving box so that the lid closes completely. If an item is too large or a plastic bin is overstuffed, you’ll risk damage to the contents. For especially large portable appliances like an air fryer, you might have to consider getting a larger box or finding a different packing method. 

Also, if you’re packing up a small appliance that has sharp components like a blender or a food processor, be careful! Make sure the blades and attachments are packed securely and labeled clearly. This will help you avoid damage as well as a nasty cut!

5. Wait until moving day to pack up temperature-sensitive food

Rental plastic moving boxes are cooler than cardboard—but they’re not insulated coolers! Frozen and refrigerated items could melt or spoil if they’re left in a plastic moving box overnight. The best way to pack up those items is to put them inside an actual cooler with plenty of ice packs the day of your move.

So read up on food safety and find out what items should be left in the fridge or freezer until the last possible moment. This won’t just save you from wasting food—it’ll save a lot of gross cleanup, too!

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