We exist to make our clients’ lives easier.

And sometimes you need a flexible storage solution to hold onto some of your belongings.

We understand that when you rent our reusable plastic moving boxes,
you might need a place to store them.

That’s why we offer storage service inside our secure, temperature-controlled facility for our residential and commercial clients.

How it works:

We deliver the rental plastic bins to you.

You pack and label each bin.

We pick up the bins and bring them to our storage space.

Contact us when you’re ready to have your stuff back and we’ll deliver to you!


Every client has different storage needs. The size and quantity of belongings that you need to store are
unique to you.

Instead of renting a self-storage unit that you’ll only use part of, let us store your smaller items—and save yourself some money!

If you have questions on specific items, just call or email us for more info.

That’s it! What could be easier?

Here’s a look at our pricing:

Box Beater Bin Storage

$10 a month

Wardrobe Box Storage

$15 a month

Oversized Item Storage

  • Bicycle
  • Christmas Tree
  • Golf Clubs
  • Grill (no propane tanks allowed!)
  • Large Holiday Decorations
  • Luggage
  • Patio Set (up to 30”x30” and 4 chairs)
  • Set of skis
  • Snowboard
  • Stroller

$12 a month

Contact Us To Get Started!