Two green bins stacked together in a conference room

Box Beaters reusable plastic moving bins are perfect for commercial moves.

They streamline your office relocation,
Help the environment, and save your company money.

Reusable plastic moving boxes are great for commercial moves because they’re sturdier than cardboard. They protect office equipment like computers, phones, and files from damage. And since they’re sealable and water resistant, your moving company can move in the rain or snow without having to worry about water damage. Additionally, our sturdy steel dollies make it easy to stack the bins and roll them into elevators and storage areas.

Whether you’re relocating your office across town, moving to a different unit in the same building, or just need to vacate for a while so your facility can be renovated, our stackable and reusable plastic moving cartons are the perfect solution. We can even help you with storage if you need a secure location to keep your items. And if you need a hand with the actual packing and transportation of your company’s materials, just contact the best office movers in Chicago.

4 standard packages

File Hanger Bins

Cardboard Boxes

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Advantages of using our plastic rental moving bins over cardboard boxes for your commercial relocation:

  • Cleanliness. Plastic rental crates are cleaned and sanitized after each use. And just in case you happen to spill a cup of coffee on a plastic bin, you can easily wipe it down! Cardboard just disintegrates when it gets wet, and isn’t easily cleaned.
  • Utility. Plastic rental bins are sturdy, so they protect your materials from outside damage. The tops lock together so you don’t have to use tape. And they’re stackable, so you can make better use of your space. Cardboard boxes are flimsy, require a mess of tape, and are only stackable up to a certain point.
  • Cost. On average, you can save one third to one half of your packing material cost when you use plastic rental crates over cardboard for your office move.
  • Eco-Friendliness. Reusable plastic moving crates are just that: reusable. Cardboard loses its structural integrity after each use, and needs to be thrown out or recycled. But plastic moving crates can be used over and over again. No waste!

Whether you’re hiring a professional packing service, a commercial moving company, or handling the move on your own, Box Beaters reusable plastic moving bins will make your commercial move go smoother than you ever imagined.

If you need additional supplies like packing paper for your breakables or moving blankets for your office furniture, we’ll happily customize our commercial moving packages to make your office relocation easier. Just contact our Customer Service Team and let us know how we can help!

And if you need a hand finding an office moving service, contact Move-tastic! – the best professional commercial movers in Chicago!