How to Pack Your Bathroom into Plastic Moving Boxes

Alright, packing up your bathroom probably isn’t your idea of fun. However, it’s an important part of preparing for your move! And it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. To help you knock this off your to-do list, here are a few helpful tips on how to pack your bathroom into plastic moving boxes.

General tips for packing plastic moving boxes

When you prepare for a move, you’ll need to carefully pack up each room in your home. Here are a few best practices for packing plastic moving boxes that apply to every room—including the bathroom:

  • Create a packing station with packing materials laid out for easy access. You might have to do this in the hallway if your bathroom is small.
  • Keep multiple boxes open so you don’t overload or underload any particular box. You should also check each box’s weight throughout your packing process to make sure you can easily carry them.
  • Only fill each box 50% to 75% with your items. Fill the empty space with towels, packing paper, or bed linens to protect your breakables and keep the box lightweight enough to carry.
  • Slap a label on at least one side of each plastic moving bin so you can easily identify the room and its contents. For example: “Bathroom – medicine cabinet”
  • Don’t drag the plastic moving boxes on the floor, even if they’re empty. These bins are made of hard plastic that could scratch hardwood and some tile.

1. Seal up those liquids

Bathrooms are full of lotions, potions, shampoos, and conditioners. As you pack any liquid items, make sure they’re well sealed so they don’t open and spill in transit. There’s nothing more frustrating than unpacking in your new home to find a soapy, slippery mess inside your plastic moving box!

While you’re at it, carefully wipe down each bottle to remove any residue. This will help you have a fresh, clean start when you set up the bathroom in your new home.

2. Dispose of old bathroom supplies

See that bottle of shampoo in the corner of your shower that has less than an ounce of soap left inside? Or that stinky lotion that your weird aunt gave you for your birthday years ago? Toss ‘em!

Moving is a great way to purge items that you don’t need or want. Treat yourself to some fresh soaps and bathroom cleaning supplies at your new home. Just make sure you recycle or dispose of unwanted products in an ecofriendly manner.

Additionally, keep in mind that moving companies generally will not move chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or aerosol cans. Just contact your mover before you start packing your bathroom to find out what they can and cannot transport for you.

3. Set aside a few key toiletries

Chances are you’ll start packing your bathroom a few days before your actual move. And you’ll have to use that bathroom before you completely vacate your home!

Leave a few important bathroom supplies like toilet paper and hand soap accessible. And if you want to take one last shower or bath in your old place before you move, set aside your favorite body wash or bubble bath so they’re the last items you pack.

4. Bundle smaller items into groups

Makeup and specialty lotions can be expensive—even the ones that come in small containers. And if one little vial or jar breaks open after you’ve packed the bathroom, you could be in for a messy cleanup when you unpack at your new home.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid this: bundle! Wrap up three to five pieces together in small paper bundles, or in small plastic containers that fit inside your plastic moving boxes. This will help protect the items from breaking during your move.

5. Be careful with medications

Some prescription and over the counter medications are sensitive to severe temperatures. If you’re moving during the summer or winter, you might want to transport these items in your own vehicle rather than packing them on a moving truck, which won’t be temperature controlled.

Additionally, moving companies usually aren’t allowed to transport medication for legal reasons. Talk to your mover about any items that they will not load onto their moving truck so you know exactly what to expect when your move day rolls around.

Pack your bathroom like a pro with Box Beaters

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