How to Give Ecofriendly Housewarming Gifts

Nowadays, many people are striving to make their home more ecofriendly. And that’s great! Every small step toward a greener lifestyle helps the environment. You can even inspire your family and friends to follow your lead by giving them ecofriendly housewarming gifts when they move into a new home.

Why you should give ecofriendly housewarming gifts

When global leaders met in late 2021 at COP26, they recognized the climate change emergency and discussed how to lower the overall human carbon footprint. They identified actions such as reducing fossil fuel use, stopping deforestation, and moving toward zero-emission vehicles.

In other words, the climate is changing, and we all need to be more conscious about how we can live greener. While COP26 attendees pledged to lead their nations toward a greener existence, each individual can also help the cause. And this starts in the home.

One of the best ways to live ecofriendly—and help the people around you live ecofriendly—is to give ecofriendly housewarming gifts. Help your friend or family settle into their new home by giving them environmentally friendly items that they’ll love!  

Ideas for ecofriendly housewarming gifts

Ecofriendly gifts are surprisingly easy to find. However, when it comes to ecofriendly housewarming gifts, you want to make sure the recipient actually wants the item in their home!

Most people enjoy greenery, so consider an indoor plant in a pot made from sustainable or recycled materials. If you’re gifting to someone with outdoor space, you can even give them some pollinator plants or a small tree. Plants don’t just beautify their new home—they can clean the air and help out the entire environment. Some plants even reduce humidity, thus making a new home much more comfortable!

Here are a few other ideas on ecofriendly housewarming gifts that your friends and family will love:

  • Kitchen products like a reusable coffee filter or silicon sandwich bags to prevent using these items once and then tossing them in the garbage.
  • Cloth grocery bags and mesh produce bags so they can avoid single-use plastic bags at the grocery store.
  • Bathroom necessities like a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tablets packaged in glass, and shampoo bars so they don’t have to dispose of empty plastic bottles.
  • Dye- and fragrance-free laundry detergent sheets and wool dryer balls to help them protect the planet each time they wash a load of clothes.
  • Organic curtains made from cotton. If your recipient lives in a climate that sees cold weather, you can even get them thermal curtains to lower natural gas consumption and lower their heating bill in the winter.

The world your oyster when it comes to ecofriendly housewarming gifts. These are just a few ideas, so be creative and have some fun picking out a green gift!

An ecofriendly home starts with an ecofriendly move

One of the best ecofriendly gifts you can give is a green move to your recipient’s new home. If you know someone planning a move, help them reduce moving waste by renting reusable plastic moving boxes! They’ll have a great moving experience, spend less money, and even help save the planet.

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