Best Office Moving Supplies

Your company’s belongings are valuable. And you need the best office moving supplies to protect them during a commercial move. Fortunately, it’s easy to find great packing and moving supplies to help you have a smooth and cost-effective office relocation.

What are the best office moving supplies?

Whether you hire a professional office moving company or handle the move on your own, you need sturdy but affordable office moving supplies to protect your items. Here are a few materials you’ll want to stock up on:

  • Rental plastic moving boxes. These reusable bins are sturdier than cardboard, so they can hold more stuff and better protect your items. And since they’re also weather-resistant, ecofriendly, and cheaper than cardboard, they’ll help you have a smooth and cost-effective office move.
  • File folder racks. Even if you have digital files, chances are you have some old hard copies. Ask your rental bin company if they have any special racks or other equipment to keep your files organized during the move.
  • Moving blankets or warehouse pads. Wrap your office furniture in soft blankets or pads to protect them. Adding this padding will also help protect your walls, floors, and doorways during your move.
  • Recyclable packing paper, shrink wrap, and tape. These materials help you secure fragile items.
  • Floor runners and carpet protectors. Keep your floors protected from damage—and from any dirt, rain, or snow that might find its way inside during your move.  

It takes a village to complete a successful commercial location. So use the resources around you! Download a helpful office moving checklist and chat with your local mover to find the best office moving supplies.

How do you know how many office moving supplies you’ll need?

Planning an office move isn’t easy. And sometimes you need a trusted partner to help you figure out not only the best office moving materials to use, but how many to have on hand. As a general guideline, here are four standard packages that of moving supplies that you might fall into: 

  • Small Business for 1-10 employees
  • Medium Business for 11-20 employees
  • Large Business for 21-40 employees
  • Extra Large Business for 41-60 employees

Keep in mind that each company is unique. If you think the standard packages aren’t the best fit for your office, just contact your local moving supply company to a la carte options.

Box Beaters plastic moving bins are the perfect office moving supplies 

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