Benefits of Renting Plastic Moving Boxes

Let’s face it: packing for a move can be a daunting task. You have to box up all of your possessions. You have to figure out how to protect fragile, breakable items. And then you have to schlep around heavy, tape-riddled cardboard boxes that are on the verge of breaking open.  Fortunately, there’s an easier and safer way to pack and move. And it involves an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard: reusable, rental plastic moving boxes.

Many people are turning to plastic moving bins for their packing and moving needs. They’re safer, more sanitary, and protect your materials better than cardboard. And these benefits add up to an easier and less stressful pack and move! You can even hire a professional packing service to alleviate the stress of packing your own materials.

Plastic moving boxes are safer and more sanitary than cardboard

There are many benefits of using plastic moving boxes over cardboard. Yes, plastic moving bins are more ecofriendly. And they’ll save you money over using cardboard. But did you also know that plastic totes are safer and more sanitary than cardboard boxes?

How are plastic moving bins safer than cardboard?

Plastic moving boxes are safer for you and for the belongings that you pack inside them. Reusable plastic bins have built-in handles so they’re easy to carry—and the handles won’t rip while you’re carrying them around like cardboard might. Plastic bins also come with wheeled dollies, so there’s no need to carry them far. Just stack a few on the dolly and roll them around!

Reusable plastic moving bins are also sturdier than cardboard boxes. That means that you can pack more items inside and that your materials will be better protected. Cardboard boxes are easily dented and damaged. So if something falls on top of a cardboard box, chances are the contents will be broken. But plastic moving bins will stand up to stacking and force. So your belongings will be nice and safe!

How are plastic moving bins more sanitary than cardboard?

It’s pretty simple: cardboard cannot get wet. So there’s really no way to sanitize it. And if you’re picking up used boxes, who knows where they’ve been?

But cleaning plastic is easy. And your rental plastic moving bins should be cleaned and sanitized between each use. So before you order plastic totes to help you pack, just contact your rental bin company to make sure they’ll sanitize the bins before you get them.

Plastic moving boxes protect your materials better than cardboard

Whether you’re moving to a new home or just storing some holiday decorations, the worst thing that can happen is to open up your boxes to find that the contents are damaged. And if you use cardboard boxes, the damage can come from too much weight, something falling on top of the boxes, or any water or moisture.

Plastic moving boxes will protect your materials better than cardboard. You just have to know how to pack them!

Are plastic moving bins sturdier than cardboard?

Heck yes they are!

Hard plastic is stronger than cardboard. So plastic moving bins can hold more items. They’re more stackable. And they can take a hit—or even some water—without getting damaged. And when the box is intact, your belongings will be too. So stop rolling the dice with cardboard and rent some reusable plastic moving bins!

How do I pack a plastic moving bin?

Packing a plastic moving bin is similar to packing a cardboard box. But since plastic boxes are sturdier than cardboard boxes, be careful not to pack the bins so full that you can’t lift them!

Here are a few more tips on packing your plastic rental moving bins:

  • Wrap your breakables in packing paper, towels, sheets, or clothing.
  • Put heavy items like books and plates on the bottom of the bin and lighter items on top.
  • Keep breakable plates and glasses upright in the bin. Wrap each one in paper or cloth, and fill the insides with paper.
  • Use vacuum bags to maximize space.

And if packing your belongings on your own isn’t exactly on your bucket list, don’t worry! You can always hire a professional packers and movers to handle the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

Use plastic moving bins for the safest pack and move possible

Your health and safety should be your top priority. After all, they’re top priorities for us! Contact us to find out how our reusable plastic moving boxes are a safer and more sanitary alternative to cardboard, or visit our website to order today!