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Tips for using rental plastic moving boxes

So, you’re planning your move. And you’ve rented plastic moving boxes as a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard. But how do you make sure you’re packing, labeling, and transporting the plastic bins in the most efficient way?

Here are a handful of tips to help you pack your materials and transport them safely.

How do you pack the plastic moving boxes?

For some people, packing a box is an art. And for others, it’s an annoying chore that they’re not very experienced in. If you’re concerned about your materials getting damaged, it might be best to consider hiring a team of professional packers.

But if you’re ready to dive in and pack yourself, follow these tricks:

  • Wrap up your breakables in packing paper. You can also use towels, sheets, or clothing to wrap delicate items. And roll—don’t fold—your towels, sheets, and clothes to maximize space and reduce wrinkles.
  • Use packing paper to fill voids between your wrapped items.
  • Put heavy items like books and plates on the bottom of the bin, and place lighter items on top.  Try to distribute the weight across the bottom of the bin so it’s easier to carry.
  • Use vacuum bags if you have them. These are great for maximizing space!
  • For your breakable kitchenware, be sure to keep plates and glasses upright in the bin. Wrap each one in paper or cloth and fill the insides with paper.
  • Try to keep the bins under 50 pounds each Think of 10 bags of potatoes! The bins can accommodate a lot more weight, but they’ll be very difficult to lift and stack.

When you use these tricks, you’re giving your materials the best possible chance of arriving at your new home safely and without damage.

How do you label the plastic moving boxes?

Packing a box doesn’t just end once the box is full. Now it’s time to label! You should label every plastic moving bin as soon as you pack it. Here’s some advice on how and where to label each box to ensure maximum efficiency on your move:

  • Most companies will bring you labels when they deliver your plastic moving bins. Use a permanent marker to write the contents, room, and any special notes on each label. For instance: “Kitchen Dishes—FRAGILE!”
  • Don’t write directly on the bins. If you run out of labels, blue painter’s tape or masking tape works in a pinch.
  • Label at least two sides of each bin. Label the sides, not the top! If you label the top, the information will be hidden when you stack the boxes in your moving truck.

As long as every bin is clearly and correctly labeled, moving into your new home will be a breeze! You’ll be able to identify the contents and room without opening a single box.

How do you transport the plastic moving boxes?

Alright, all of the plastic moving boxes are packed and labeled. Well done! The next step is to bring them to your new home. Here are a few tips on how to transport the bins safely:

  • As a reminder, try to keep the bins under 50 pounds each. This will make them safe and easy to transport and stack.
  • If the bins are too heavy, use two people to lift. And be sure to follow a proper lifting technique to avoid injury.
  • Make sure the bin lids close completely. If they don’t close completely, the items inside are at risk of breaking when you stack the bins. 
  • Stack the bins up on the dollies that your rental box company delivered with the bins. Put the heaviest bin on the bottom for safe transport. If the heaviest bin is on the top, the stack could be top-heavy and dangerous to move.

Once you’ve brought the bins into your new home, it’s time to unpack. This should be a breeze since all of the bins are accurately labeled and securely packed. After that’s done, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new digs!


Reusable plastic moving boxes are cost efficient and eco-friendly. This is the future of moving!