Three Tips for an Ecofriendly Autumn

You used rental plastic moving boxes to help you move into your new home. Now that you’re settling into your new neighborhood, you want to continue helping the planet throughout the upcoming Fall season. Here are some tips that will help you have an ecofriendly autumn.

1. Set up your home for an ecofriendly autumn

Autumn in Chicago usually means cooler temperatures and a few weeks of damp weather. This is the perfect time to give your air conditioning a break and enjoy some fresh air!

Open those windows and plug in some energy-efficient fans. If it gets a little chilly, just close the house up and get under a blanket. Try not to use your furnace until you absolutely need it. Turning on your heat before you need to will drive up your utility bills, but holding off as long as possible can save you money and protect the planet!

2. Find some ecofriendly autumn activities

There are plenty of fun Fall things to do in Chicago every year. And you can have a blast while helping protect the Earth! Here are a few activities to try:

  • Shop for seasonal vegetables and artisan crafts at your local farmer’s market.
  • Go apple picking and make your own pies and applesauce.
  • Check out local thrift stores for your next favorite chunky sweater.
  • Try your hand at some environmentally friendly arts and crafts.

Additionally, when your jack-o-lantern has past its prime, don’t just toss it in the trash. Compost it for great soil in the Spring or leave it in the yard for the local wildlife!

3. Take care of your indoor and outdoor plants

If you’re like many Chicagoans, you might spend the waning days of summer preparing to bring your outdoor plants inside for the winter. While the weather is still nice, late summer and early fall can be a great time to repot your fast-growing plants into larger vessels! Be sure to feed and water them quickly after replanting, as being transferred to a new home can be a little traumatic for any plant.

Additionally, give a little TLC to your outdoor greenery as well. Harvest those vegetables. Overseed your lawn. And winterize that rosebush! The more love you show to your indoor and outdoor plants in the autumn, the healthier they’ll be come Spring. And since plants are a great way to improve the air quality in and around your home, it’s a win-win!

Box Beaters is your partner in an ecofriendly way of life!

At Box Beaters, we specialize in helping customers have smooth, cost-effective, and ecofriendly moves. And in addition, we’re always searching for new ways to help the planet!

If you have anything to add to our tips for an ecofriendly autumn, please contact us to let us know! And if you just want to chat about how ecofriendly moving is an awesome revolution, contact us anyway!